Waitlist Management Solution

Key benefits:

  • Ensures your centre waitlist is accurate and current enabling staff to fill vacancies quickly and easily, maximising centre occupancy and revenue.
  • Reduces the administrative burden staff face managing the centre’s waitlist freeing them up to focus on early childhood education and managing their staff.

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Cloudbridge’s Waitlist Management Solution provides:

  • An online branded Waitlist Registration Form to be completed by parents,
  • An email and SMS sent to parents confiring the waitlist request has been received by your centre,
  • A dashboard that can be used by staff to access summary information on your centres entire waitlist and drill down to child specific details,
  • An automated process for reconfirming applications for all children on the waitlist, a specific group or individual children via email and SMS
  • An ongoing record of all interactions with the parent relating to their waitlist application.

Maximimse Occupancy

Cloudbridge’s Waitlist Management Solution assists busy centre management to maximise occupancy, reducing the time taken to fill a vacancy by automating SMS and email communication with parents to confirm care requirements, this ensures an accurate and current list of children is available to quickly fill any vacancy.

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Waitlist Reconfirmations

Waitlist Management Solution Form

Waitlist Management Solution Dashboard