Maintaining regular contact with these parents and ensuring the currency of your waitlist will assist you to fill centre vacancies as they occur.

Cloudbrige’s Childcare Waitlist Solution has an automated process to reconfirm a parent’s interest in their child attending your centre. This process sends both a text and an email to the parent requesting they confirm their interest and update their details eliminating the need for you to repeatedly attempt to call them. This process can be performed for a single applicant, multiple applicants (eg a specific age bracket) or for your entire centre waitlist as frequently as you need too.

In addition, Cloudbridge’s Waitlist Management Solution automates these processes for your centre waitlist:

  • Confirms the initial parent waitlist request via both a text and email.
  • Automates the entry of parent and child details and requested care requirements.
  • Prioritises waitlist applicants based on your selection criteria, including sibling at centre.
  • Records all information regarding the waitlist request including date initial request received, date of changes to request and any comments entered by staff.
  • Enables sorting and filtering based on child’s age at a specific date, for example on the 1st January 2018.

For $50 ex GST per centre per month this easy to use solution will reduce your administrative pain.

For further details on Cloudbridge’s Waitlist Application please visit our website at or contact us at or on 0409 268 648.