Farm Street Early Learning Centre, operating sine 2005 in North Rockhampton, is a well-managed ECEC centre with an excellent reputation for providing professional early childhood education services. In late 2016 Farm Street were facing similar challenges to many ECEC centres throughout Australia, increasing competition from the rapid growth in new centres and a growing administrative overhead.

Given these challenges Raynel Hurley, the Approved Provider at Farm Street Early Learning, struggled to maintain the centres occupancy levels and manage the administrative burden. In late 2016 Raynel implemented Cloudbridge’s Waitlist Management Solution. At the time the centre had over 200 children on their waitlist dating back several years. In addition, the complicated series of tools used to manage the waitlist made it difficult for Raynel to quickly and easily fill vacancies.

Two years later Raynel is extremely happy with the value that Cloudbridge’s Waitlist Management Solution delivers, making it easier for her to manage the entire waitlist process from initial registration through to placing a child. The benefits the solution has delivered Raynel include the ability to:

  • Confirm parent’s interest in a place at the centre through the solutions reconfirmation process which sends an email and text to parents requesting they reconfirm their interest and update care requirements.
  • Use the search field to quickly find child records when talking to parents so that details can be updated instantly, and new information entered easily.
  • Use the child’s age field and the filter and sort functionality to quickly and easily identify children that are candidates to fill a vacancy and determine which room children will occupy in the year ahead.

In Raynel’s own words the solution makes “managing my waitlist a more streamlined, time efficient process, especially towards the end of year when time becomes more critical”.

Using the Waitlist Management Solution has allowed Raynel to refine the centres waitlist to a manageable number and most importantly these parents have a real interest in their child attending Farm Street Early Learning Centre. Raynel is now talking to real prospective parents about centre places and is therefore able to maximise centre occupancy.