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Increased productivity and reduced costs can be a reality for your early childhood education and care (ECEC) centre.

The team at Cloudbridge have developed simple to use, yet comprehensive cloud-based solutions aimed at increasing the efficiency and productivity of your centre management team.

Because they are cloud based, these solutions can be used anywhere, anytime by ECEC centre management, staff and in some instances, families.

Investing in expensive complicated IT infrastructure is no longer necessary.

The team at Cloudbridge simplify your IT requirements and reduce costs using cloud-based solutions. This enables you to focus on solutions that deliver value to your ECEC centres operations rather than on purchasing and supporting IT infrastructure.

Your staff can be connected to these solutions on any device. Whether in your centre on a PC or Mac, or at home on any iOS, Android or Windows based smartphone, you can do a whole lot more than just text or email to collaborate.

Productivity increases as work can be created and saved from any location without security problems. Colleagues can work together in real time on Word, PowerPoint or Excel with easy to understand audit trails.

Management team decisions can be made remotely in real time with Skype for Business. All you need is an Internet connection.

Cloudbridge will collaborate with centre management and staff to fully understand your staffs operational requirements. They will then implement a solution, with input from centre management.

The team at Cloudbridge will train management and staff to ensure business value is achieved via investment in these solutions.

Importantly, Cloudbridge combine people, process and technology to find the right solution for your centre.

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