A client using our Waitlist Management Solution, designed specifically for ECEC centres, had never been satisfied that the waitlist application from their CCMS provider met their needs.

This client now feels so comfortable that our enhanced Waitlist Management Solution is meeting their waitlist management needs that they have stopped using the solution provided by their CCMS provider.

Cloudbridge’s Childcare Waitlist Management Solution assists childcare providers to proactively manage their waitlist including:

  • An online app collecting the initial parent request covering parent details, child details and care requirements.
  • Confirmation of initial parent request for childcare via both a text and email sent to parent.
  • Easy to use interactive dashboard for use by the childcare centre staff providing summary waitlist information and children details.
  • Sorting and filtering waitlist age based on child’s age at a specific date, for example on the 1st January 2018.
  • Recording all information regarding request for care including date online request received, date of changes to request and any comments entered by staff.
  • Automated reconfirmation process confirming application details with parents including providing opportunity to update care requirements. This process is initiated via email and text and can be done for a single applicant or for the entire waitlist irrespective of number of applicants.

Importantly the application automates many time consuming processes removing the need for paper based waitlist forms, the double entry of information and the need to manually contact parent’s numerous times to confirm application accuracy and currency.

For further details on our Childcare Waitlist Management Solution please visit our website at www.thecloudbridgegroup.com.au or contact me at enquiry@thecloudbridgegroup.com.au or on 0409 268 648.