Do you have multiple staff talking to parents regarding their child’s details on your centres waitlist resulting in miscommunication and confusion? Would it be helpful for staff to have full visibility of all information regarding each child on your waitlist including the date their application was received, their care requirements and any notes made by staff in dealing with the parents?

Your staff can easily record and access all information easily for each child on your centre waitlist using Cloudbridge’s Waitlist Management Solution. For a 30-minute no obligation demonstration of our solution please contact us at or on 0409 268 648 or for more information visit our website at

Cloudbridge’s Waitlist Management Solution also automates core processes related to managing your centre waitlist including:

  • Confirming the initial parent waitlist request via both a text and email.
  • Automating the entry of parent and child details and requested care requirements.
  • Prioritising waitlist applicants based on your selection criteria, including sibling at centre.
  • Reconfirming application details with parent via email and text, including opportunity for the parent to update care requirements. This process can be performed for a single applicant or for your entire waitlist irrespective of the number of applicants.