Document Storage Framework

Are your staff having difficulty quickly locating the latest version of documents that detail important policies and procedures within your early childhood education and care (ECEC) centre, for example the incident management procedure?

Cloudbridge’s Document Framework provides:


  • A single storage location for all centre documents so staff know where to find vital policies and procedures, ensuring staff are using the latest version of a document.
  • Assists in managing initial document development, including automating the process of reviewing and updating documents.
  • Document sharing allows a number of staff to access the same document simultaneously so they can work together in developing and finalising policies and procedures.
  • Provides an efficient way of communicating the released documents to all centre staff ensuring they have the opportunity to read and absorb important policies and procedures.
  • Google like search capability ensuring staff can quickly find the latest version of a policy or procedure saving time and ensuring the correct version is being used.
  • Facilitates the assessment and rating process saving centre management time and effort in preparing for and passing the National Quality Standard (NQS) audit.
  • Provides evidence for the NQS audit of a history of developing and updating policies and procedures and curriculum material, therefore assisting in complying with the NQS.

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Prepare for National Quality Standard Audit

Do you want to be able to efficiently store documents based on ACECQA’s National Quality Framework and produce all necessary documents for a National Quality Standard audit?

Cloudbridge’s innovative document management framework customised for the ECEC sector ensures ease of access and time saving when creating, saving and updating important centre policies and procedures. It provides a structure for storing and accessing all your centre’s important documents. This will assist you in maintaining, communicating and quickly locating the latest version of important centre policies and procedures.

Based on the NQF, this solution will also assist your centre to be prepared for the regular service rating audit. The framework can also assist in storing documents associated with the ongoing development of your centres early childhood education curriculum.


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